Record, Edit, Share Videos with Soapbox Extension for Chrome Browser

There are tons of expensive software that not only cost a lot of money, but are really huge in terms of installation files. For example, the popular Cyberlink Power Director is around 1 GB in size and it costs $100. Obviously a software like Cyberlink Power Director does deliver in terms of features and the quality, but if you are not willing to part with your hard earned money and willing to sacrifice the video quality, then you can use the free Soapbox extension for the Google Chrome web browser.

The Soapbox extension is developed by Wistia and can record both your webcam and your computer screen. This makes it an ideal choice if you are trying to make videos trying to explain something. The webcam and the screen are placed side by side in the videos. But you have the options to play only the webcam, only the screen, or both. The videos created in this way are automatically uploaded to the Wistia website from where you can share them with other people.

Soapbox Video Recorder for Chrome

You start by installing the extension and signing in using your Google account. Then you can click on the small blue Soapbox icon in the toolbar and click on the Start Recording button. Chrome will ask you for the permissions and then the recording will start after a countdown. Once the recording is done, the video will start to be uploaded to the Wistia servers.

Soapbox Video Recorder for Chrome

You can do many things with the recorded video – change the title, edit the player color, add a link along with the video, add a thumbnail image to the video, trim the video, and more. All this can be done even after the videos have been uploaded to the Wistia servers. And you can access all of your videos at any time by clicking on the blue Soapboax icon in the toolbar and clicking on the My Videos button.

You can download and install the Soapbox extension for Google Chrome web browser from