AS SSD Benchmark : How Fast is Your New SSD ?

Seems like everyone is replacing the older HDD’s with newer SSD’s whether it is matter of the bulky desktop computers or notebook computers. There are many benefits of using a solid state drive as it does not consume much energy and does not have to spin anything in order to fetch the data – making it much much faster to the older HDD’s.

And just to see how fast your old laptop boots into Windows or any other operating system, you order that brand new SSD for your computer thinking that it will make your computer ultra fast. But how would you know about how fast your SSD really performs? Trying to copy large files to your new SSD and checking the data transfer rate is not enough. You have to perform a thorough test on your new SSD.

There is a freeware tool called AS SSD Benchmark that can put your SSD through a series of read and write operations to find out how well it performs. It conducts all of these tests bypassing the Windows disk cache in order to find out the true data read/write speeds.

AS SSD Benchmark

The Sequential test first writes a 1GB file (size of the file can be increased if you want, but there is not much difference) to the drive and then reads it. The 4K test determines the read//write speed by accessing random 4K blocks. The 4K-64 test is identical to 4K test only it uses 64 different threads to access the data. The access time is also displayed for both the read and write operations.

In addition to these tests, there are two more benchmark tests that can be accessed from the menubar – the copy test and the data compression test. But these are not necessary to find out about the performance of your brand new SSD.

Conclusion: AS SSD Benchmark is a small, lightweight and yet thorough SSD benchmark utility. It can quickly show you the data read and write performance of your SSD’s.

You can download AS SSD Benchmark from