Store Passwords Securely with Alternate Password DB

Have you ever seen that in the movies how easily the clever sleuth finds the passwords written in a small notebook hidden inside the desk drawer. And if the sleuth does not find the password notebook, then there is always as a small paper slip containing the password scribbled on it with a pencil, hidden carefully taped under the desk. One thing you can learn from watching these movies is that you should not write your password down on paper – either memorize them or use a secure password manager like Alternate Password DB.

Alternate Password DB is a free software that can keep a database of your passwords in an encrypted file. it uses a very strong Blowfish 256-bit algorithm for encryption making sure that nobody can crack it easily. Other than the passwords, it can also store logins, graphic files, tables or any type of text. The items are stored in a hierarchy of folders – this makes very easy for you to group or categorize your passwords.

Alternate Password DB

The interface of the Alternate Password DB is very easy to follow and use. You can create a new database by clicking on the respective toolbar button. After this you can click on the  click on the key icon in the toolbar to add new login, new entry, new file, new folder, new sub-folder etc. Once added, you can change the data that you want to store in them.

If you want to carry your passwords with you, then Alternate Password DB has the option of converting the database into an EXE file and copying it to the USB memory sticks, SD cards or other removable storage media. This way you can keep and use the saved passwords on any Windows PC you want.

You can download Alternate Password DB from