rEASYze : Portable Tool to Resize and Watermark Images

If you want to post your images to Instagram or some other social network, you would want to first want to edit them a little to make them look a little bit better. For editing the images, a desktop or notebook computer is always the best compared to using an app in your smartphone. In your Windows PC, you can use the free rEASYze software to perform some basic editing of your images.

rEASYze is actually a funny way of combining “resize” with “easy” perhaps meaning that it makes it very easy to resize your images. But the software is not only for the resizing the images, it can do much more than resizing. It can be used to trim the various sides of the image by entering the percentage of edge you want to trim. You can change the saturation, contrast, brightness, mirror the image vertically or horizontally, add copyright watermark on the image, and add a number of effects like sepia, negative, black & white, gray, negative, polaroid and more.


Once this is done, you can click on the Save button and save the image somewhere in your PC. But before you save the image, you can also choose the type of image file you want to save this image into. You can choose from JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF.

Other than these, rEASYze also offers a tool to create a collage of your images. For this you have to first add a folder containing all the images and then click on the Collage button. From there, you can pick the style and arrangement of the images in the collage.

Conclusion: rEASYze is a nice little tool to quickly edit the images, watermark or resize them. It can handle all the popular image formats and is also able to create a collage from your pictures.

You can download rEASYze from