Agaue Eye : Hardware Monitor for Windows

Agaue Eye is a hardware monitor for Windows and can be used for monitoring the status of the CPU, graphics card, RAM, motherboard, hard drive and other components. The program can be used to display the status on the desktop as well as on the computer game screens in form of overlays. This is useful to check the performance of your hardware for a particular computer game configuration and tweak the settings to bring the best performance of the hardware.

The program supports thousands of popular computer games. In addition to display the overlay status of the hardware, it can also be used to overclock your GPU. For this, you have to right-click on the Agaue Eye system tray icon and choose Bring to top. Then in the window that shows up, choose GPU Overclock and from there you can increase the GPU clock frequency, memory size and the power limit. For each GPU, the options would be different. And perhaps some GPU do not allow the overclocking, so you won’t even see the “GPU Overclock” section.

Agaue Eye

In the Advanced settings (you can access this from the notification area icon) section of Agaue Eye you can choose the overlay type (text, graphics or hidden), you can choose the overlay position on the screen and font color used to display the overlay text. You can choose the the color and background color for the frame rate displayed in the overlay. You can also choose the hotkeys to capture the screenshot, or toggle it off. There is also an option to make it auto-start with Windows.

Agaue Eye

Agaue Eye is a very advanced hardware resources monitor for Windows. It works well with all the versions of Windows and supports a large number games. It can work together with digital game distribution clients like Steam, GOG, Uplay etc.

You can download Agaue Eye from

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