Wox : Search Box and Launcher for Windows

According a recent news about Microsoft planning to include a new style immersive search UI in the forthcoming versions of Windows has many Windows users excited. If you have been using the Insider Preview version of Windows 10, then perhaps you can follow some instructions we have published earlier to enable the new immersive search UI. But this feature may not be present in earlier released versions of Windows 10. If you want something similar in your Windows PC, then you can try the open-source Wox.

Wox is a search box and launcher for Windows. It works in all versions of Windows starting from Windows 7. You can install it in your PC and pretty soon the search box will appear on your desktop. The search box can then be used to carry out a number of tasks – searching for files, looking up for something on the internet, launching a program, opening a URL, calculating mathematical sums and much more. And if the Wox launcher gets hidden, you can always bring up using the hotkey Alt+Space.


You can add much more functionality to the Wox launcher using plugins. In fact some of the plugins come pre-installed with the setup package. You can access these plugins and configure them from the Wox settings. There are a number of plugins pre-installed like Calculator, Colors, Control Panel, Everything, Folder, Program, Shell, System Commands, URL, Web Searches and more. You can download many more useful plugins from the Wox website. There are many interesting plugins available on their website like Youtube search, Spotify search, Core Temperature, Wikipedia search and many more.


Apart from the plugins available for enhancing the functionality of Wox, you can also change the appearance of the launcher using the themes. There are many themes available in Wox settings that can change its looks – BlurBlack, BlurWhite, Dark, Gray, Light, Metro Server, Pink etc.

Conclusion: Wox is an efficient, feature-rich and productive launcher for Windows. You can enhance its functionality using dozens of plugins available online and even create your own plugins.

You can download Wox from http://www.getwox.com/.