Amazon Chime : Organize Meetings Online Easily

Amazon Chime is a service offered by the Amazon Web Services company (AWS). It is a communications focused service that puts emphasis on group communications that are very much needed in a business. It is available for all the popular platforms expected in a business environment like Mac OS, Windows, Android or iOS. The basic version of the Amazon Chime is free and allows you to schedule a meeting or join a meeting. You can send and receive text messages, voice and video calls to all the participants of a meeting. This makes it very convenient to hold meetings even when you are far away from your workplace or are visiting a different city or country.

The Amazon Chime app for Android requires that you have an Amazon account. And if you do not already have an Amazon account, then it gives you options to create a new account. However if someone has sent you a message to join a meeting then you can join the meeting without having to signing-in to your Amazon Chime account or without even requiring any account. For joining a meeting all you need is the meeting ID that can be had from the person who has started the meeting.

Amazon Chime

Once you have signed-in to your Amazon Chime account in the app, you have various options like joining a meeting that is already  in motion, starting an instant meeting, and scheduling a meeting for the future. If there are more than one meetings being taken place, then you can join different rooms where these meetings are being held.

In the free version, you are limited to sending the text messages, making voice and video calls. But in the Pro version of Amazon Chime you are allowed to conduct group video conferencing, screen sharing, or making VoIP phone calls. The VoIP phone calls require an additional fee of USD15 per month.

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