Shutdown Windows After Cleaning with CleanTempShutdown

My mom taught me to clean my dishes after finishing the dinner. She also taught me to brush my teeth after eating food. The reason is simple – it is always a good feeling when you go to bed knowing full well that you have cleaned everything that you used. The computers are not any different, you will feel better if you clean all the junk or garbage files created during the regular use of the computer. And you do not have to write a complex script or seek the help of some complicated program. You can do this all at the click of a button using the free software called CleanTempShutdown.

The program comes as a portable software which means that you do not have to install anything. All you have to do is extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive and double-click CleanTempShutdown.exe and you will see Windows shutting down instantly. What you do not see happening in the background is that the program is deleting the contents of the %TEMP% folder. This environment string (%TEMP%) may correspond to different folders for different computers. In order to find out the folder that %TEMP% refers to in your PC, you can press the Win+R hotkey to open the Run dialog, type in %TMEP% and press Enter. This will open the target temporary folder that contains all the temporary files created by various programs.


The contents of this folder can be safely deleted as you reboot your PC. And this is what CleanTempShutdown does for you. It deletes all the contents of the temporary (%TEMP%) folder and then shuts down your Windows PC for you. In some cases, it can free up multiple gigabytes of storage space that could be used by some other programs.


You can download CleanTempShutdown from