Amazon Music Unlimited : Streaming Music Service for All Devices

One of things that the tech giants do right is that they start their services globally as opposed to small time players that keep them limited to a few countries. Take Spotify for example, they limited Spotify only to UK for so many years. But the mammoth of online services Amazon has started their online music streaming service called Amazon Music Unlimited in all the economies where their other services like Amazon online shopping is available.

Amazon Music Unlimited is different from Amazon Prime music. The latter is free for all the Amazon Prime subscribers which costs around $99 per year. The Amazon Music Unlimited is not free and costs $9.99 per month. But if you do not want to spend even that amount then they offer 30-day free trial (if you add a valid credit card to your account) and you can cancel the subscription if you are not satisfied with the service. And if you are a Amazon Prime member, then you receive some discount when signing up for Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Another marked difference is the huge library of music available to the Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers. They are offering over 10 million songs from around thousands of artists. You can log in to your Music Unlimited account and you will have instant access to this large library. Apart from the the songs and albums, you also have access to hundreds of radio stations that allow you to listen the music, news or sports matches live on your device.

Music Unlimited is available for all the platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows etc. It is supported by all the Amazon devices such as Fire TV, Fire tablet, Echo etc. And if you do not want to install these apps, then you can access the Music Unlimited in any modern web browser like Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

You can subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited at