AppMonster : Backup and Restore Apps in Android

Whenever you switch to a new smartphone, you have to start all over by installing all of your favorite apps. This means that you have to search for all of these apps on the Play store an downloading them one by one. This could take hours and you may actually miss one or two apps that slip your mind. Instead of download the apps all over again, what you can do is backup them all using AppMonster on your microSD card. And when you have to switch to a new phone, just install AppMonster and it will restore all the previously installed apps from the backup.

AppMonster is a backup and restore app for Android devices. It shows you a list of all the apps installed in your phone and allows you to backup them individually or you can select a number of apps for backup. In general, you do not have to backup the apps manually as AppMonster will automatically backup all the apps regularly or when a new app is installed.

AppMonster for Android

For each of the apps in the list it shows some useful information regarding the app, for example, whether the app is a background service and always keeps running in the background, whether the app can be moved to the SD card for saving storage space on the internal memory of the phone etc.

In the settings for the AppMonster, you can choose to make it notify if an app supports App2SD (whether the app can be moved to the SD card), and when a successful backup has been performed. You can also choose the largest app size that should be allowed for the backup. This setting prevents backup of apps that are huge in size and can take up a  considerable portion on your microSD card leaving no room for other apps.

AppMonster for Android

Verdict: If you have to switch to a new smartphone or if you are going to perform a full phone reset, AppMonster can save your time by keeping a backup of all the installed apps.

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