BatchPurifier LITE : Strip Meta Data from Images

When you snap a picture using your digital camera, it saved the picture in the memory card of your camera. But not many people know that in addition to the picture itself, it also saves much more information in the picture file in the form of meta data. The meta data is some information stored in the JPEG or PNG images towards the end of the picture content and is not visible when you open these files in regular image viewers like the ones that come pre-installed in Windows or Mac.

This meta data embedded inside the picture files can contain information that some people might consider as private and would not want to share it with others. For example, some of the picture files can contain the model and make of the camera (e.g., Sony Cybershot DSCH300) or the geographical location of the place where you shot the image in form of the longitude and latitude coordinates (only if your camera supports GPS, it is enabled and it has clear view of the sky).

BatchPurifier LITE

If you do not want to share this information, you can simply remove all this meta data from your picture files before sharing them online. There are so many different tools that can be used to carry out this task. For example, there is a free tool called BatchPurifier LITE that can remove the meta data of many different type from the JPEG images. The tool is designed to be run in the batch mode and can strip the meta data from multiple JPEG images in one go.

You have to select all the JPEG images that you want to process. After this you can click on the “Next” button and you will be shown all the different types of meta data that can be removed from the JEG images. Make a selection and proceed further. Then you have to select the output folder and whether you want to overwrite these files. Finally the files will be purified by the program (meaning that all the metadata will be stripped).

BatchPurifier LITE

BatchPurifier is able to strip all kinds of meta data from the JPEG image like the EXIF (thumbnails and geolocation tag), XMP, IPTC data (used mainly by Adobe Photoshop), comments and more. Using this software you can strip meta data from a large number of JPEG files in just one go.

You can download BatchPurifier LITE from