TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker : Update Nvidia Drivers Without GeForce Experience

If you want good graphics experience in your PC then you have to buy a computer with Nvidia or ATI chipsets. Personally I prefer Nvidia graphics cards or on-board GPU because it is supported by every single application, operating system and game that you will ever come across. Even in Linux it is very easy to install the drivers for the Nvidia graphics cards. If you are on Windows and want to update Nvidia drivers, then you are offered the GeForce experience every time you perform the update. If you do not want GeForce experience and only want to download and update the graphics drivers then you can use the open-source driver update utility TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker.

TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker is a very simple command line program that searches Windows for the latest drivers for only the Nvidia graphics cards. When it finds newer version of available drivers, it downloads them and automatically starts the installation. What more can a Windows user want? It is completely different from the official way of updating the Nvidia  drivers that have a graphical user interface and install extra components that are not necessary like the GeForce experience.


In order to use TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker, you need two files in the same folder – TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker.v1.10.0.exe and HtmlAgilityPack.dll. Both of these files can be downloaded from the program’s Github webpage. After this you can simply launch the EXE file and it will search the internet for the available newer drivers for the Nvidia GPU installed in your PC. If it finds newer drivers, they are auto-downloaded and installed.

This saves trouble and time spent on manually searching the Nvidia website for the newer versions of the device drivers. You can simply launch this program whenever you want to update the drivers for your Nvidia GPU.

You can download TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker from https://github.com/ElPumpo/TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker/releases.