EA Gives Away “Plants vs Zombies” Game for PC and Mac

Electronic Arts is once again in the mood of giving away legendary games. This month they are giving away the popular game “Plants vs Zombies”. The game they are giving away is actually the game of the year (GOTY) edition from 2009. For this, all you need is a free Origin account and then you can claim your free copy of the Plants vs Zombies. Usually this game costs around $5, but you can have it for free during this month using the Origin’s “On The House” games giveaway.

Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense game and the game of the year (GOTY) contains some bonus content. The plants are being attacked by the zombies. The zombies approach the plants and the plants have to throw all kinds of weapons and use a lot of strategy to defend themselves. You have to protect your front-yard at all cost using the defensive plants from a zombie invasion.

Plants vs Zombies

The gameplay is the same as the ones followed by the basic tower defense games. Each plant has different weapons and characteristics – some shoot the zombies with seeds, others eat the zombies and others produce solar units that you can use to grow more plants. There are multiple levels – at each of the new level, the plants get new powers and weapons but the zombies also become more and more aggressive and grow larger in number.

Plants vs Zombies

In order to download the “Plants vs Zombies” you have to download the Origin client and install it in your PC or Mac. After this you can log in with your free Origin account, visit the “On the House” section, look for the “Plants vs Zombies” and get the game for free by clicking on “Get it now”. You will then find it via the Origin client in your account.

You can grab the Plants vs Zombies GOTY edition from https://www.origin.com/ind/en-us/store/plants-vs-zombies/plants-vs-zombies/standard-edition.