Knowte : Take and Organize Notes Efficiently

Remember that episode of Seinfeld (eighth episode of second season – The Heart Attack) when he scribbles a new funny idea for his standup comedy on a piece of paper very late at night, but then he has trouble figuring out what he actually wrote. This is a very problem with people working on creative professions. When you are working on creative projects, new ideas can come anytime. How do you plan to write down these ideas? You can use the old school methods like keeping a pencil and a tiny notepad in your pocket all the time (just like Seinfeld in the old days). But why resort to these methods when you have access to better methods like Knowte – a free note taking and organizing application for Windows PC.

Knowte allows you to easily write and organize your notes which could be about anything – new ideas, new tasks, a phone number, the grocery list, gifts for the Christmas and so on. What makes it especially useful, is the advanced search feature. Using the search feature you can easily find the notes that you saved months ago just by searching for the specific words associated with that note. Knowte has the ability to dynamically filter your list of notes to only show those containing those words that you are interested in.


The application interface reminds of Microsoft OneNote from the 2007 era. You can create one or more notebooks, and then add new notes to these notebooks. You can filter your notes by the time when you added them by simply clicking on today, yesterday, this week and so on. The notes are not plain text notes, you can actually add everything that you can add in Microsoft Word – text styling, change fonts, hyperlinks, images and so on. In fact, you can import notes directly from Microsoft Word documents.

Knowte supports the jumplists feature introduced in Windows 8. You can check all the tasks that need to be completed in the near future and all the recently added notes by right-clicking on the taskbar icon. You can also pin the icon to the taskbar for easy access later on.

Conclusion: If you want an easy-to-use note taking application for your Windows PC, then Knowte could be your solution. It can be used in Windows 7, 8.x and 10 and could become a replacement for Microsoft OneNote.

You can download Knowte from