Enhance Productivity in Firefox with Tomato Clock

One sure way of enhancing your productivity at work is to always keep yourself racing against the clock. This is easily achieved by breaking down your project into smaller tasks and them trying to complete each of these tasks within a specific period of time. And if you are a Firefox user, then you can use the Tomato Clock to help you with this approach easily. Tomato Clock comes with three preset  timers – 25 minutes, 15 minutes and 5 minutes and you can use them for different tasks to keep yourself from wasting your time at work.

After you have installed Tomato Clock extension in Firefox, you can see the small tomato icon in the Firefox toolbar. You can click on this icon to pull down a small menu that shows various available timers – Tomato, long break and short break. The Tomato break will start a 25 minutes long timer, the long break will start a 15 minutes long timer and the short break will start a 5 minutes long timer.

Tomato Clock

The Tomato timer is designed to push you to complete a task within 25 minutes and so makes you work faster, helping you utilize your work time efficiently. The other two timers – long break and short break – are for taking small breaks when you are feeling tired after working for a long time. Taking a short break every hour is often recommended by the healthcare experts to prevent strain in the eyes. When the timer is up, you are shown the usual notification with a sound alert.

Tomato Clock

The Tomato Clock keeps a track of all the timers used by you. You can check these stats by clicking on the tomato icon and then clicking on the stats icon. It displays the number of times each type of timers was used for a date range. Looking at these stats can help you understand how you are using your own time at work.

Tomato Clock

Conclusion: Tomato Clock for Firefox can help you manage your time much more efficiently at work by breaking down your tasks in helping you finish them in small period of time. This is very useful for freelancers, bloggers and Youtubers who often work on their own and forget how much time they are spending on a project.

You can get the Tomato Clock for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tomato-clock/.