HiBit System Information Shows In-depth Windows PC Details

Years ago, when I bought a new laptop computer for the very first time, I asked the salesperson to show me the hardware information of the PC. The salesperson quickly used her nimble fingers to right-click on the Computer icon and then picked Properties from there. I could instantly see in the System Information window everything I wanted to know about the Windows PC hardware – the RAM, the CPU frequency etc. While this is a very nice feature that has existed in Windows for decades. You may want to have much more detailed information using the freeware HiBit System Information software.

This software is available both in the installation package as well as a portable program. After launching this program, you are presented with the basic system summary of your PC. It shows some of the software information as well as some of the hardware information in the summary – for example the Windows version installed, the .NET version, user names, CPU, RAM, graphics cards, motherboard and so on.

HiBit System Information

If you want to see much more detailed information about hardware then you have to switch to the Hardware tab. Similarly, the Software tab displays more information about the programs installed or being run in your PC. Under the hardware tab, you can see details about CPU, RAM, Motherboard, BIOS, Display, Storage, Printer, Network and Driver. Under the software tab, you can see details about Operating System, Security, Processes, Services, System Drivers, Startups, Installed Programs, Event Logs etc.

HiBit System Information

Other than viewing the information inside the HiBit System Information window, you can also export the data to an HTML document by clicking on the Export link on the top. This will open a small window from where you can select all the sections that should be included in the HTML report.

You can download HiBit System Information from http://hibitsoft.ir/SystemInformation.html.