FFCoder : Media Transcoding Tool for Windows

There are so many different tools for converting media formats or transcoding them. Some of these employ FFmpeg and other use some other open-source tools. But if you want to have a tool that gives access to all the popular tools then you can use the free FFCoder. It is a front end GUI for many different encoders like – FFmpeg, MEncoder, FFmpeg2Theora, x264, LAME, NeroAAC, OggEnc, FAAC, avs2avi and WavPack. Using these various encoders, you can basically perform all the transcoding operations possible on your PC.

Despite the complicated command line parameters used for all the various encoders, FFCoder makes it very simple for you to use them. You first have to add media files to the list that you want to process. For each of the media files a preview is displayed so that you can easily identify them in the list. You can choose the encapsulation format for the media files, for example, MKV or MP4. It supports over 46 different media formats. You can choose any encoder for these files as well. You can either pick a profile that auto-sets the video and encode encoders automatically, or you can pick a video encoder and audio encoder manually. It comes with more than 600 different profiles for encoding videos for the mobile devices.


Among many other exciting features it supports batch processing of files which means that you can process multiple media files using the same transcoding settings. You can also select any folder for watching – as soon as new media files are copied to this folder, FFCoder selects them automatically and starts encoding them. You can extract JPEG images from the video files to be used as snapshots. It can also be customized to automatically shutdown your computer after all the batch processing is completed.

You can download FFCoder for Windows from https://www.videohelp.com/software/FFCoder.