Play Beneath a Steel Sky for Free Through GOG

There are so many games released every year that we quickly forget about the games that were released in the past few years. But that does not mean that those old games are not playable or you cannot have fun playing them. The older games may not be much in terms of graphics and hardware compatibility, but they often have a gripping story line and can easily engage your for hours.

Good news is that some of these older games that were popular once, are now being redesigned with updated graphics and music to make them look a little bit better. Additionally they are being updated with the help of the original programmers to make them work on modern operating systems.

The old popular game “Beneath a Steel Sky” is one such game that was released originally in 1994. Back then it was designed to work only in MS-DOS and Amiga OS. But now you can play the same game on the latest versions of Windows, Mac OS and Linux by downloading it from GOG. And you do not have to worry about the hardware compatibility with your new computer either, the game works smoothly on any new computer.

Beneath a Steel Sky

GOG has made the game freely available to everyone. You can just fire up the GOG client on your computer look for the “Beneath a Steel Sky” and download/install it on your computer. Even when you are on a different computer, you can login to your GOG account in any web browser, search for  “Beneath a Steel Sky” and shop for it. You have to go through the motions but you will not be charged anything as the game is being offered for free.

You can claim your free copy of “Beneath a Steel Sky” by visiting its webpage on GOG at