Fixing “Dropbox Has Stopped Syncing” Problem

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services that provides free storage space of 2 GB for everyone. For some people the storage space of 2GB is enough for the basic tasks like storing pictures, videos or other files. But there are others for whom the 2GB limit is easily crossed and then they start to get the email message “Dropbox has stopped syncing”. The sole reason for this problem is that there is no more space left in your Dropbox account and when you are trying to add more files through any third party app or service, Dropbox fails to add them giving the aforementioned message.

If you have received such an email message then you can find the various options to resolve this problem by clicking on the Upgrade your Dropbox button. There are many options given on the Dropbox website

Dropbox Stopped Syncing

  1. Upgrade your account – By upgrading your Dropbox account, you instantly receive 1TB or 2TB of storage space. Your account description changes from basic account to pro or business account. All the extra space you earned in the basic account will be doubled. But this is a subscription based service and will last as long as you keep paying for it.Dropbox Stopped Syncing
  2. Refer friends to Dropbox – When you refer Dropbox to your friends or co-workers over social networks using a referral link and they create an account using this special link, you get an extra 500 MB storage space for your Dropbox account. This way you can get an extra 16 GB in total.
  3. Follow Dropbox on Twitter – By following Dropbox on their Twitter account, you can get extra 125 MB. This is perhaps the easiest way of gaining a little extra space for your Dropbox account.
  4. Drop a line of praise – You can gain some more space by dropping a line of praise for Dropbox. If they approve it, you will get a bonus space of 125 MB.

Apart from these methods of increasing the storage space for your Dropbox account, you can also try deleting files that you no longer need to store on the cloud.