Manage Partitions in Windows with PartitionGuru Free

Whether you are installing new operating system, planning to install a secondary operating system or making extra room for storing your files on a separate partition, you would need an efficient partition manager that can create, edit, shrink, or extend the partitions. The free PartitionGuru from Eassos software is such a partition manager that can be used to perform all the partition related operations. It is one of the few freely available partition managers that offers all-in-one solution for data recovery, partition management and Windows backup & restore.

Using the free PartitionGuru software, you would be able to carry out the following operations:

Recover partitions and files – Using the Partition Recovery and File Recovery options, you would be able to recover any of the deleted, formatted or missing partitions and files from your hard drives, removable drives, RAID, virtual disk, etc. It recovers files even from the unallocated disk space or inaccessible partition with original file name and path.

Partition management – This is the main function of the software. It is a reliable and versatile partition manager that comes with full set of partition management tools. You can create, delete, format, hide, resize, split, extend and shrink partitions. You can convert MBR partition table style to GPT without causing data loss, and vice versa.


Clone and backup partitions – You can create a backup or clone complete partitions and entire disks to protect your data against unforeseen accidents. You can back up separate partitions to image file through different modes like the full backup and the incremental backup. Similarly, you can clone entire partitions or hard drives to another without reinstalling Windows.

All in all, PartitionGuru is a versatile software for taking care of all the tasks involving partition management. In addition, it also comes with some unusual features like partition recovery or file recovery.

You can download PartitionGuru Free from