Google Datally Helps Save Data Usage in Android

Google has created a new app named Datally for Android smartphones that is going to save the expensive mobile data in a very intuitive way. This app does not depend only on a VPN or proxy app that compresses the images and other downloaded files in order to reduce the data usage, but it also suggests nearby free-to-access WiFi hotspots so that you can connect to them and save the mobile data usage. The Google Datally app is designed to work with Android Lollipop 5.0 and higher versions, so you are out of luck if you have a very old smartphone.

Datally needs two permissions – first permission is to access the data usage which is obviously needed to monitor the mobile data activity, and the second permission is to display the information bubble over the top of all the other apps. It installs a VPN service which is used to block the data. This way it can block the data for the apps on an individual basis and you can control which of the apps is able to access the internet and which ones should be blocked from accessing the internet.


The app has a big button using which you can toggle the data saving on or off. You can view how the mobile data is being used by tapping on the Manage Data button. You can view which of apps and when they are using the mobile data. You can tap on the Find Wi-Fi button to find a free Wi-Fi hotspot nearby so that you can connect to it and save your mobile data packs from being used.

The Datally app is going to be a great help for the commuters who are using their 3G/4G data while going to work or coming back home everyday. It is also great for the tourists who are in a new place and have run out of mobile data packs.

You can get the Google Datally app for Android from