Put Your Face on Different Body Using Microsoft Face Swap App

Microsoft Face Swap is an app that allows you to quickly put your face on a different body. They supply a number of images that can be used by you and even more are available from online sources under the Creative Commons license.  This app is available both for the Android and iOS.

The Face Swap app makes it very easy and you do not have to do any editing at all. All you have to do is take a selfie and the captured image is then used for replacing the face of many existing images that the app comes with. You have to keep taking selfies until your face fits completely over the oval shape displayed on your phone’s screen. The app also suggests that you turn on the flashlight of your phone’s camera if the selfie is a little darker in some places.

Microsoft Face Swap

After you are satisfied with your selfie, you can move on  to the next step and choose a category of the scenes. There are so many different categories available – fashion, hairstyles, sports, characters, expressions, everywhere etc. Under each of these categories are hundreds of pictures that you can use for face swapping. Apart from these categories, you can also search for other images that are available online under the CC license. All the searching is done using the Bing’s search engine. You can basically search for any person and use their image for the face swapping.

Once you have selected the image, your face will be automatically used to replace that person’s face. You will see a preview of the result. You can tap on the small button to save the face-swapped image to your local storage.

Microsoft Face Swap

Microsoft Face Swap is a fun app for Android (and also for iOS) using which you can try out new fashions, new hairstyles and create a funny pictures to be shared over social networking sites.

You can download the Microsoft Face Swap app from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/garage/profiles/face-swap/.