HCFR Calorimeter : Calibrate Monitors and Projectors

When you use your PC for printing photographs or the graphics editing work, the color production of the computer display should be as accurate as possible. This is for the obvious reason that the colors, contrast and the brightness of your computer screen should be as natural as possible. If there is any difference, then the graphics editing work will differ from the printer output or the output of the graphic images produced will look different on other computers. Similarly, you should have the color and other settings properly adjusted to produce the accurate output for your projectors.

In order to calibrate your computer screen or projectors, you can use the open-source HCFR Calorimeter tool. It is a tool for calibrating computer monitors of all kinds including the CRT, LCD and LED monitors. It can also calibrate your video projectors. By adjusting and calibrating  various settings for your computer’s display, you can obtain the highest quality image possible on your devices.

The software might look very confusing and daunting to use. But it is actually very easy to make your way around the HCFR Calorimeter tool. The application is further made easy to use with ample amount of documentation using which you can learn everything about screen calibration. All the measurements and tools inside the HCFR Calorimeter tool are grouped together to make it very convenient for you to access them. For example, you can quickly access the color calibration tools from under the respective tab.

HCFR Calorimeter

If you are not an advanced user, then you will benefit greatly from the wizard interfaces. These interfaces have easy to read instructions and offer step-by-step guides to take you through the calibration process. For the color calibration, the software supplies you with a special sensor to detect the current RGB values of the screen. In case your system is missing such a sensor, a simulated sensor is installed on your system.

HCFR Calorimeter

Other than the color calibration, it can also help you calibrate gamma, contrast, brightness and other factors to bring out the best from your computer screen. The HCFR Calorimeter tool displays the measured values of colors and other things. You can then change these values on your devices and keep changing until the HCFR Calorimeter reads them to be as close as the standard color reproduction.

You can download HCFR Calorimeter tool from http://www.homecinema-fr.com/colorimetre-hcfr/hcfr-colormeter/.