HiBit Startup Manager : Monitor and Manage Autostart Programs in Windows

There are so many software that install auto-starting programs in Windows so that whenever you start your PC, these programs keep launching one by one. Having too many auto-starting programs not only makes your PC slow to start, but can also waste important system resources as some of these auto-starting programs keep running in the background and claim a big piece of the RAM and CPU power. Moreover, you may not want many of these programs that are being auto-run upon Windows start or login.

HiBit Startup Manager is a free software application that can be used to monitor and manage all of these auto-starting programs in your Windows PC.  The software when run, shows you a list of all the auto-starting programs in your Windows PC. For each of the entries, it displays the location of the entries (like the Registry),  whether it is enabled or disables, description, command line used to launch the program, etc. You are also shown the options to edit, delete or disable these entries. You can also stop or kill the processes linked to these entries.

HiBit Startup Manager

Apart from the standard startup manager, the software also comes with a number of other utilities – backup manager, process manager, services manager, scheduled task manager, and the context menu manager. All these can be accessed from the “Tools” menu and allow you to restore the deleted startup entries, manage the running processes, manage the schedule tasks and add or edit the context-menu entries. These can come handy when you have to do small fine tuning in your PC.

Conclusion: HiBit Startup Manager is a useful program that can help your improve the performance of your Windows PC by removing, disabling or delaying certain auto-starting programs. The additional tools that comes along with it are also very handy.

You can download HiBit Startup Manager from http://hibitsoft.ir/StartupManager.html.