Find Lost Software License Keys with Product Key Explorer

When you really like some software product, you invest in it and buy the license key for it. Some of these license keys are designed to work for only a year while others last for forever. For example, WinRAR, the popular archiving utility provides license keys that never expire while the antivirus software license keys last only for one year or so. But what will you do when you forget or lose these license keys? If you do not want to pay for these software license keys all over again, then you can use the license keys sniffing software like Product Key Explorer.

This software is very helpful to find the software license keys or serial numbers belonging to thousands of different software products. According to the developer website it is able to find the keys belonging to more than 8000 software products. As you launch this software, you have to provide the username credentials using which it will access the system files and the Windows registry. After this you can click on the Find Product Keys button to scan for all the license keys.

Product Key Explorer

This will scan the local computer for the software product keys and serial numbers. But if you want to scan some other computer on your local network, then you can choose it first by clicking on the Select Computers to Scan.

The found license keys are listed along with the product name, data info, and the product data. It will show a green blinking light while scanning for the serial numbers. When this blinking light turns red this means the scanning has stopped. Now you can save the found product keys as plain text file, Microsoft Excel database file, CSV database file, Microsoft Acccess database file, SQLLite database file, HTML file, or the XML file. You can also choose to copy these license keys to the clipboard or even print them using a connected printer.

You can download Product Key Explorer from