In My Diary : A Personal Diary for Windows Users

About a hundred years ago, personal diaries were very popular. Teenagers of those times often received diaries and fountain pens are gifts. Many of them wrote diaries daily and penned down the every day events of their lives in their diaries. Today most of the diaries being sold are used for jotting down business activities and appointments. The kids today miss the joy of writing diaries and getting surprised reading them back years later in their adult life. If you want to start writing a personal diary of your own, then you can use the “In My Diary” software in your Windows PC.

The “In My Diary” software mimics the look of a regular personal diary and allows you to write every day events easily in your own diary in the privacy of your own computer. And just like the personal diaries that come with a lock and key, “In My Diary” comes with password protection and employs strong encryption so that nobody can read your diary without supplying the correct password.

In My Diary

By default, it displays the pages of the diary for today so that you can quickly add notes, reminders and other things that you want to write about. All the entries are ordered chronologically along with the time of making these entries. You can go through different dates, years and times quickly by selecting the days from a calendar like interface.

Apart from making the regular entries in the diary, it can also be used to generate strong password as it comes with a password generator, you can store passwords and contacts too. Since you can store contacts in the diary, it allows you to import and export these contacts to and from popular formats like CSV and vCard. Both these formats can be used in Microsoft Office if needed.

Verdict: “In My Diary” brings the joy of writing personal diaries to your notebook computers. The software is not only free, but it works on Windows as well as Mac computers.

You can download “In My Diary” from