Wining Putt : Play Multiplayer Golf in Windows PC for Free

If there is a computer game that I can play for hours on my PC, it is Winning Putt. It is free to play golf game, available on Steam and works flawlessly on all computers running Windows 7 or above. It is only around 150 MB in download size and you can play with your friends online in the multi-player mode. The game offers very nice and detailed graphics making the game play a great experience. But this is not just another golf game for your PC.

It allows you to customize the players, pick apparel for them, and develop their character from the beginning to the level where they dominate the golf world. It offers very exciting characters men, women and even aliens from different planets. Players can interact with each other, enjoy the products being offered by different vendors and even exchange missions with others.

Wining Putt

Winning Putt comes with ten different breathtaking golf courses. These golf courses can be played in different weather conditions like on a bright sunny day, in the rain, in overcast conditions, during the day or in the night. It is worth noticing that some of the golf courses are located on other planets (a dream of all the golf players).

You can enhance your player’s abilities by purchasing and upgrading different features using real-life money. Buying different assets using real-life money gives you fast upgrade, but you do not have to do this. You can keep playing golf, unlock new levels and collect the virtual money inside the game and then use this money to pay for different assets to upgrade your character.

If you have played golf games on your PC before, you will find yourself right at home because Winning Putt offers the same mechanisms to use the golf club. You have to use your mouse to make a stroke and hit the golf ball. For the expert golfers, all the stats are displayed to be considered like the wind speed, wind direction, ground slope etc.

You can download Winning Putt from