itch : Download & Manage Indie Games on Mac, Windows and Linux

The online game distribution clients like Uplay, Origin, GoG and Steam are used by large commercial companies to distribute their games and the games of the partner developers. These digital distribution clients make life easy for both the game developers who save the money spent in packaging the game on physical media and the end consumers who receive the games instantly after the payment rather than waiting for the delivery boy to drop the DVD at doorstop.

And if you love Indie games, then you also have a similar digital distribution client called itch that works similar to Steam but delivers only Indie games. You no longer have to visit the Indie games website and look for the latest releases or the updates. You can just fire up itch client in your computer and do everything from there.

The itch client is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Just like other similar software, you have to create an itch account and login using that information. After this you can find and download any game to your computer. While there are thousands and thousands of free games available for you to enjoy, there are many games that you have to pay for. You can manage all the payments through the itch client.

itch : Download Indie Games

Just like other software clients (e.g. Uplay, Steam etc),  you can find great deals and discounts on the itch game distribution platform as well. You can browse the games by their genre, but you can also browse them by their price (like $5 or less, $15 or less etc.). You can find on-sale demos and pre-release version of games too.

Conclusion: The itch digital distribution client for the indie games has a huge catalog of all kinds of games. You will never have to look for games in your web browser after you install itch in your computer.

You can get itch from