MacDrive Adds HFS+ & APFS Support in Windows

Usually people who use Mac computers stay away from Windows computers and vice versa. But sometimes you have to access hard drives formatted on a Mac computer through other computers that could be running Windows. This creates a big problem as Mac formats hard drives using HFS+ file system and Windows does not have any support for this file system. There are some tools that allow you to access the HFS+ file system in Windows, for example, Paragon HFS+ but they do not allow as many features as MacDrive that basically adds HFS+ support to Windows.

MacDrive is a software developed by Mediafour and works in all versions of Windows including Windows 7, 8.x and 10. It adds HFS+ and APFS support in Windows File Explorer so that you can natively access the files stored on Mac OS formatted storage devices in Windows. The software installs device drivers in Windows for adding this support. After installation a system reboot is required so that these devices drivers are loaded. After this you can attach any Mac OS formatted storage device to your Windows PC and it will be instantly accessible just like any other drive in Windows File Explorer.


Conclusion: The MacDrive software for Windows allows you to easily access Mac HFS+ as well as APFS partitions on any Windows computer. In fact it integrates well with Windows File Explorer so that you do not have to do anything but attach any Mac formatted device to your PC. You can read and write files on these partitions without any problem. In the Pro version, you also get some extra features like accessing RAID sets and secure deletion of files on the Mac formatted storage devices.

You can download a trial version of MacDrive from