Remove Apps from Android with KS Uninstaller

We all install new apps every single day. Every time we see our friends use a new app or an app is mentioned in the media, we want to install it too. And the when we are on Google Play store, we always get suggestions of new apps from Google itself. But all these apps take so much space on the internal storage of the Android smartphone, that there comes a time when newer apps can no longer be installed due to lack of storage space. The simple answer to the problem is to keep removing the apps that we no longer use. For example, there is no real use of the Rio Olympics app that you installed last year because those games are over more than a year ago.

You can easily uninstall all these unwanted apps using KS Uninstaller. It can display a list of all the apps installed in your smartphone and allows you to easily remove them. But it is not just a plain app remover tool. It shows a wealth of information about each of the apps that can help you decide which of the apps you want to remove.

KS Uninstaller

For each app, it shows whether that app can be moved to external storage (microSD card), how much space the app itself is taking and how much space the cache created by that app is being taken. You can select one or more than one apps and tap on the Uninstall to remove them all at once. You can also tap on a single app in the list to see all the available options like uninstall it, view it on Play store, view app info or launch it.

You can also filter the apps being displayed in the list of apps based on a number of criteria like show apps installed on the internal storage, show apps installed on the external storage, show apps with cache files, show apps that came pre-installed with your phone, show apps that can be moved to external storage etc.

KS Uninstaller

Verdict: KS Uninstaller is an easy way to remove apps installed in your Android smartphone. By removing the apps that you no longer need, you can free up internal storage and make it available for newer apps.

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