Clean Android Smartphones Thoroughly Using SD Maid

Having been used for over a year, your smartphone accumulates all kinds of files that serve no purpose other than just claiming the storage space on your phone. And if your phone does not have the option to add an external memory card (usually a microSD card) then you may even run out of the storage space if you keep installing newer apps and do not clean the orphan files left behind by older apps. To prevent this from happening, you can use the SD Maid app to remove the left behind files, junk files and apps that you do not need any longer.

SD Maid opens up with a screen from where you quickly choose one of the cleaners – Corpse Finder, System Cleaner, Apps Cleaner, and Database compacter. The Corpse Finder is designed to find all the files and folders belonging to the apps that are no longer installed on your smartphone. So perhaps you installed an app and removed it months ago, Corpse Finder can find and remove the files belonging to that app and clean your phone.

SD Maid

The Apps Cleaner feature scans your phone for the files belonging to the currently installed apps but that can be safely deleted without impacting the overall performance of these apps. This not only recovers the precious storage space, but also makes the apps faster.

The System Cleaner module scans for the known files, file types and locations that can be safely deleted without causing any problem. You can choose the filters for finding the files, file types and the locations. Furthermore, you can also customize the filters to make sure some of the files you want gone are also included.

SD Maid

In the App Control section, you can see a list of all the apps in your phone. For each app it shows an indicator to show whether these apps are running or are launched at boot. You can select any app for find many more options, like you can run that app, forcibly kill that app and export the APK file belonging to that app.

Verdict: SD Maid is a complete system cleaning tool for Android smartphone. It can thoroughly and completely get rid of unwanted or junk files from your Android devices.

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