Block Unwanted Crypto-Currency Miners in Websites in Opera

With the recent hike in the value of the Bitcoin crypto-currency, suddenly everyone is buying those expensive Bitcoin mining machines that come with multiple powerful GPUs. These mining machines are very expensive and need to be run round the clock at their maximum capacity to make a tiny amount of Bitcoins. This is why some people started to embed the JavaScript based mining script in various websites that actually uses the GPU of the visitors’ computers to mine the Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies.

With the rise in the popularity of crypto-currencies, these unwanted mining scripts have started to appear on websites. People who visit the websites where these mining scripts are embedded, they suddenly feel their computer’s become slow as the processing power of their machines is used to mine the crypto-currencies for others. All this is done without the consent of the website visitors.

There are already some web browser extensions available for the Mozilla Firefox web browser that block such mining scripts. We have reviewed the NoMiner extension for the Firefox web browser. But the Opera web browser has gone a step ahead. The Opera developers have included the blocking of mining scripts feature right inside the web browser itself.


Here is how you can block the coin miner scripts in Opera:

  1. Open the Opera web browser. Press the hotkey Alt+P to open the Opera settings.
  2. In the settings select Basic from the left side category.
  3. From near the lower-left corner select the checkbox Show advanced settings to view more settings.
  4. Select the option for Block ads and surf the web three times faster.Opera NoCoin
  5. Now the NoCoin (Cryptocurrency Mining Protection) option will become visible, make sure that this option is selected.

After this, you will have to worry no more about the mining scripts in the Opera web browser. But this NoCoin feature is available only in the new versions of the Opera web browser, so make sure you update your Opera browser to at least version 50 before following these steps.