Connect Remotely to Windows PC Using Radmin

Radmin is a simple and easy to use remote control software for Windows PC using which you can access your Windows PC remotely and perform almost any operation possible on the local PC. It can be a really great tool for the service providers who want to change settings, install software or repair a client’s computer remotely. It does not require internet access and can work through any kind of network like the local area network.

Radmin comes with two software packages – the server and the client. The Radmin server has to be installed on the remote PC that you want to control or access. And the client or the viewer software has to be run from the PC that you are going to use to access the remote PC. Here is how you setup Radmin:

On the Remote PC

  1. Download and install Radmin server software. Right-click on the notification area icon and select Settings for Radmin Server.Radmin
  2. In the window that opens, click on the Permissions button.Radmin
  3. You have to choose whether you want to use the Windows NT security for authentication or if you want to use the Radmin security. The Radmin security is better choice. Select Radmin security and then click on the Permissions button.Radmin
  4. You have to add users, assign them login passwords and give them different levels of access. Click on Add User to create a new user. Then choose the rights for that user and click on the OK button. If you do not choose any rights, then the user will fail to login.Radmin

On the PC used for accessing Remote PC

  1. Download and install Radmin Viewer software. You can also use the portable version of the software.
  2. Click on the Connect icon in the Radmin Viewer software window.Radmin
  3. Enter the IP address and the port number of the Radmin Server from the remote PC and click on the  OK button. You can find the IP address of Radmin server just by hovering on the notification area icon in the remote PC. The port number unless modified is set to default 4899 value.Radmin
  4. You will be asked to enter the username and password to login to the Radmin user. Upon entering the correct credentials, you will see the Radmin viewer window showing you the desktop of the remote PC from where you can access it as usual.

Conclusion: Radmin is a feature rich, security conscious and powerful remote desktop connection tool. It provides you with top-notch security when helping your clients remotely through this software.

You can download Radmin software from