Create Customized Maps with OkMap for Windows

OkMap is an advanced map editing software using which you can work with scanned maps, downloaded GPS maps, or purchased maps. This software can work with GPS devices and downloads the maps of any location based on the latitude and longitude coordinates. You can then add various rastor based images on top of the map to customize the map. You can insert routes describing your itinerary and specify important points for your map like the places of interest. This is a great software to create maps for a particular reason like for travel or for school projects.

OkMap is available for the iPhone as well as Windows PC. The OkMap is able to work with more than forty map servers and download maps from the internet. You can also add custom map servers of your own if needed. After specifying the coordinates of the location, and choosing a map server the map is downloaded and displayed in the OkMap window. You can choose a zoom level for the map so that you can work with it. The zoom level can be selected from the menubar. If you want to work with more than one maps at the same time, that is also possible as OkMap can open multiple maps in different windows simultaneously.


Once a map is open, you can use the various tools in the toolbar to add the waypoints, routes and tracks. After this you can transfer these maps to your GPS device and later use them on your travels, adventures and explorations. It is also possible to transfer the data and paths collected on your GPS device to your PC and later view it in OkMap. The software supports Night Vision (just like the one introduced in Windows 10) so that you can work on the maps late into the night without putting stress on your eyes.

You can download OkMap from