Ocenaudio : Full Featured Free Audio Editor

Ocenaudio is a full featured audio editor that works on all the popular platforms including Windows, Mac, and various distributions of Linux like Ubuntu and Mint. The software is free and is available in both the installer format and as a portable program. The interface is very intuitively designed so that both the advanced users and the beginners can use it without any trouble.

Ocenaudio supports all types of audio files, so you do not have to think whether your audio files will be opened by Ocenaudio or not. Just drag and drop the audio files on the Ocenaudio window and it will be added to the list. You can then view the audio file’s waveform in the window. If you want to see more details about the audio file that you have just opened by clicking on the small “i” button in the toolbar.

You can make a selection of the portion of the audio you want to work with and then pick the tools from the menubar or the toolbar. There are so many different actions possible – you can apply effects such silence, reverse, invert, smooth, remove DC, normalize, noise reduction, change amplitude, filter frequencies, delay the sound and so on.


Ocenaudio also has more advanced features that are intended for advanced users or musicians. These advanced functions make it very simple to manipulate and modify your music files on all the platforms it supports. As if that is not enough, it also supports the VST plugins. You can download these plugins from various websites and use them in Ocenaudio to add advanced effects to your audio files. When you are done, you can save the project or save the audio file in a number of supported formats.

You can download Ocenaudio audio editor from https://www.ocenaudio.com/.