Display Laptop Battery Status in Chrome Web Browser

Opera web browser has a built-in battery saver function that kicks in whenever your laptop computer is running on the battery power. You can customize it to work only when the laptop battery charge level drops below a certain level like 70%, 50% or 30%. We have written about this feature previously in – how to configure battery saver in the Opera web browser.

Apart from saving the battery and making it last a little bit longer, this feature is also useful in knowing how much battery power is remaining. Without such feature you will have to look at the small battery icon in the notification area of your Windows desktop (or similar icons in other operating systems) again and again.

Battery Info for Chrome

You can add a similar icon in the Chrome web browser to know the battery status without having to check the system tray of the Windows desktop repeatedly. This can be done using the Battery Info extension for the Chrome web browser. The extension adds an icon in the Chrome toolbar displaying the battery charge percentage remaining. The icon turns green if you have battery charge cable plugged in and the laptop is running on the AC power. And the icon turns red if the laptop is running only on the battery power.

In addition to the charge level status of your laptop battery, it also displays the estimated time remaining for you to keep using your laptop on the battery power. This information comes up only when you click on the battery icon in the Chrome web browser. But unlike the battery saver feature in Opera, it does not help you save the battery power in any manner.

Battery Info for Chrome

Conclusion: Battery Info extension for the Chrome web browser can display the battery icon in the browser toolbar itself. It is useful when you are working on battery power alone and want to know when to connect the battery charger.

You can get the Battery Info extension for Chrome from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/battery-info/jchnojkeefjdioodimacimfiefjdbpag?hl=en.