Track Santa on the Christmas Eve with NORAD’s Help

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is the agency responsible for keeping the skies of the United States and the Canada safe. But they have also been tracking Santa each year on the Christmas eve since 1950’s. During the early years, they were called CONAD (Continental Air Defense Command) and announced the whereabouts of Santa over radio. Now they have a special website dedicated to tracking the beloved Santa Claus as he goes around spreading the joy and delivering the gifts all over the world.

The interactive website shows you the location of Santa Claus on a 3D map of the world as he covers all the cities and visits all the boys and girls. You can switch to the 2D map if you want. On the top of the map, you can see the last city St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) has visited and the next city he is going to visit.

NORAD Tracks Santa 2017

In a recent interview with Fox News radio, the NORAD officers revealed that they track Santa using a very clever trick. They look out for Rudolf’s glowing red nose as Santa’s sleigh paves its way to children’s homes delivering the  gifts. Rudolf is the cheerful red-nosed reindeer who leads when pulling Santa’s sleigh. NORAD sees his glowing red nose from far away this is the way they track Santa all over the world.

NORAD Tracks Santa 2017

But as Santa comes your way, you can also have a little fun on the NORAD website. The good people at NORAD are only tracking Santa, but they have also put together some of the Christmas themed fun games that you can play on their website. You can find information about Santa’s sleigh, his route and all the reindeers.

NORAD Tracks Santa (  is not only for the young kids, it can make you relive the joyful moments of your childhood all over again.