Find Specs of Intel Products with Intel ARK on Android

Intel has been the undisputed leader in the field of computer chips manufacturing. They started to leap ahead of others back in the early 90’s and have never looked back since. Even though AMD processors are relatively cheaper, Intel processors are usually preferred when you are looking for reduced power consumption and less heat generation.

When you are deciding about a new Intel processor for your new PC, you often have to search for the processor specifications on the internet. But instead of spending time on various websites, you can find the accurate information about Intel products using the Intel ARK app for Android.

The Intel ARK product shows you the detailed information about all kinds of products manufactured by Intel – processors, chipsets, motherboards, servers, solid state drives (SSD), networking products and software. As you launch the app, you can select one of these categories and then choose the products you are looking for. You may have to further select one of the sub-categories before you find the product you are interested in. You can even search for the product by the code name, for example, you can search for processors belonging to the “Broadwell” or “Ivy Bridge” code names.

Intel ARK App

You can also download the data sheet to your smartphone or look at the full specifications on the Intel’s website by tapping on a small button in the app. The data sheet is in the PDF format and you can print it or view in any PDF viewing app. You can also select two or more products for comparison later on.

Intel ARK App

The Intel ARK app for Android is a great way to access all the specifications for various products manufactured by Intel corporation. You can find even the unreleased products in this app. And since the data is downloaded to your phone, you can check the specifications even when you are offline.

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