Use ASUS Remote Link on Android to Control Windows PC

ASUS makes one of the most popular Android smartphones that are sold under the brand name ZenFone. They are known to release very useful apps for these ZenFone Android smartphones and one of them is the ASUS Remote Link app. This app can be used to control your Windows PC remotely through your Android smartphone. It comes with four main features – smart gestures, mouse control, slideshow control, media player control, and PC power controls.

Even though the app is designed mainly for the ASUS ZenFone smartphones to be used with ASUS notebook computers, you can use this app on any smartphone running Android KitKat and above. And use it to control any Windows PC running Windows 8.1 and above. Here is how:

  1. Download and install Remote Link software in your Windows PC. You can download this software from
  2. In your smartphone install ASUS Remote Link app. You can find this app on Google Play store by visiting
  3. Launch the app and discover your Windows PC either through WiFi or through Bluetooth. Either way you will be displayed a list of computers running the Remote Link software and you have to pick one from there. In case of Bluetooth, you will be asked to pair the device first.
  4. After this, you will be able to use the Remote Link app to control your computer through mouse control, slideshow control, media player control, and PC power controls.ASUS Remote Link App

The mouse control comes with smart gestures and left-right mouse buttons. The slideshow control is great for doing a PowerPoint slide show presentations. The media player control works universally for all the media players including VLC Media Player. It can also be used to shutdown, sleep, hibernate, restart or log off your Windows PC.

ASUS Remote Link App

You can find more information about Remote Link app from


  1. Am note able to play/pause my midea in pic using remote link on my phone
    Conection is stable everything is working but not able to play or pause video in vlc player

  2. could it be possible to have remote link app on phone with keyboard like that of laptop.In that t it could enable me to use it fully when my laptop keyboard fails in areas such as while using microsoft word to write a letter.

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