How to Load Websites Faster in Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum is a really fast browser compared to the previous versions. According to Mozilla it is even faster than the Google Chrome browser. The new versions of Firefox Quantum load websites really fast, but you can load them even faster using a number of tricks. Here is how:

Switch to Private Mode

According a number of benchmarks performed on the Firefox browser, it loads websites faster in the private mode. You can enable the private mode by clicking on the menu icon and selecting New Private Window. You can also use the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+P to open this private window. In the private mode, the cache and history is not saved and so websites load and render faster in the browser. The loading and rendering is done in almost half the time compare to the regular mode.

Make Firefox Faster

Disable the Add-ons

The newer add-ons in the Firefox browser do not take much time to load but you can reduce the time further by disabling some of the add-ons or all of them. In order to disable the add-ons, you can open the support page by entering about:support in the address bar and then clicking on the Restart with Add-ons button.

Make Firefox Faster

Close Slow Webpages

When you load websites in Firefox, they may take some time before everything is loaded and the webpage is ready for you.  But if you feel that Firefox is getting slower then you can make it fast again by closing down the websites that could be slowing down Firefox. For this, you have to enter about:performance in the address bar and then find the webpages that are slowing down Firefox. You can then choose to close those tabs or reload them.

Make Firefox Faster

Enable Tracking Protection

If you do not want to use the private mode in Firefox, then you can just enable the tracking protection to be always on. This will block the plugins like Facebook and Twitter from being loaded in the various websites. It could make the webpages load very fast.

Make Firefox Faster

These are only a few methods of making Firefox load websites faster. Even though Firefox Quantum is considerably faster than previous versions and manages memory in a much better way, you can use these methods to push the limit further.