Intel True Key : Very Secure Password Manager for Firefox

As well all know that Intel now owns McAfee the renowned security company that is known to produce one of the first antivirus products as early as 1988. As such all the new security software is being released under the Intel’s logo. Their latest offering is Intel True Key which is a cross-platform password management software. It can be installed in Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It also comes as an extension for all the popular web  browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari.

The True Key for Firefox can be installed by navigating your Firefox web browser to the True Key website. The extension is compatible with the latest version of Firefox (Firefox Quantum). To start using True Key, you have to create a True Key account by supplying an email address and choosing a strong master password.  If you install True Key on your smartphone then you have many more login options like using fingerprints, face recognition etc.

Intel True Key

After successful creation of the True Key profile and account, you will be asked to add some credentials. You can do this simply by clicking on the shown websites, visiting the login page and entering your login credentials. If the credentials text fields (where you enter your username, passwords etc) shows a True Key icon then True Key supports that website. The entered credentials are automatically sent over to Intel servers after encrypting them using AES 256 bit cipher.

Intel True Key

After this you can view all the saved logins by just clicking on the True Key icon in the Firefox toolbar. If you have to login to a certain website/service/app then you can click on the icon of that website as it is displayed under the saved credentials list. Since you can use the same True Key account on different devices, you can use these saved credentials on all of your devices.

Intel True Key

In the settings for the True Key in Firefox, you can choose to automatically sign-out after every 7 days in order to prevent anyone else from using your various accounts. You can change the 7 days duration to anything else depending on your requirements. You can also choose the sign-in security level for Intel True Key like basic or advanced.

Intel True Key

The free version of True Key allows you to add only up to 15 credentials. If you want to add more credentials then you have to buy a subscription which costs $20 per year and allows you to store an unlimited number of credentials.

You can visit the Intel True Key website at

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