How to Quickly Reduce the JPEG File Size

JPEG files are the most popular image files on the internet. Even the digital cameras save the pictures in the JPEG format. The reason for this is that JPEG images can have a very impressive quality while keeping a relatively small file size. But even though the the pictures captured by your digital camera are saved in the JPEG format, they are not compressed and can be of very large file size. If you want to quickly compress your JPEG images, then you can use the JPEGmini web app.

JPEGmini web app offers a quick and only two step solution to compress your JPEG images. It employs some of the latest data compression techniques including the Guetzli algorithm developed by Google. It can effectively compress your JPEG images and cut down their file size by as much as 80%. The website details that the compression is much more effective when you use high resolution images having large file sizes.


You begin by visiting the JPEGmini web app site, clicking on the Upload button and selecting your JPEG image file from your computer. In a few seconds, it will display you how much compression is possible and how the compressed image would look. It also displays the file sizes of the original file and the compressed file. You can compare the original and the compressed pictures side by side by moving the mouse pointer. There is no visually detectable difference in all the images that we used to test the JPEGmini web app. Finally, you can click on the Download Full Res button to download the compressed image to your computer.


JPEGmini web app is a very quick way to reduce the JPEG file size without really affecting the image quality by much. The small JPEG files can then be shared easily on social networks and blogs.

You can use the JPEGmini web app by visiting