Learn How to Play Chess in Windows with Lucas Chess

Chess is best played with your friends on a physical chess board on those boring evenings when nothing much is happening. I always keep a small folding chess board with me as it can help pass the time and keeps the brain sharp. And if you do not know how to play chess then you can always buy one of those books that teaches you how to play chess from the basic level up to advanced levels. Some of these books also come with DVDs containing videos and software like Lucas Chess. One of the easiest way to sharpen your chess playing skills is to use the Lucas Chess software that helps you learning playing chess, honing your chess skills and enjoy playing chess against a number of different chess engines.

Lucas Chess is serious about teaching you how to play chess, but it does not limit itself to just the basics of chess. It can teach you some special moves for checkmating and teach you the way some of the grandmasters who played the chess and won many of the chess tournaments in the last many a decades. As you launch Lucas Chess, it shows you chess games where just one move can lead to checkmate. You can go through these to master your checkmating skills through these.

Lucas Chess

From the menu, you can choose to play against a number of chess engines. While you are playing, it analyzes your moves and suggests better moves. You can also compare your moves to those of the famous chess grandmasters like Robert James Fischer. From the training section, you can choose to learn to play like one of the grandmasters, learn about mating techniques, play best move game, perform resistance test, have the daily test, and learn various chess tactics by repetition.

All in all, Lucas Chess is a chess training and learning software that comes with some of the priceless training tools. You can master your chess playing skills, learn the master moves from grandmasters enjoy playing the popular games once played by them and more.

You can download Lucas Chess from http://lucaschess.pythonanywhere.com/.