How to Use Snowflakes Cursor in Windows

In many parts of the world, the snow has started to fall and everything has turned white. Rooftops, streets, parks, playgrounds, everything looks like a long plain white sheet. You can have the same snowfall effect in your Windows PC using the Snowflakes Cursor that makes the snowflakes fall every time you move your mouse cursor on your screen. The snowflakes of various sizes start falling down trailing your mouse pointer movement and give a very enchanting effect especially if you are using a darker wallpaper.

The Snowflakes Cursor is available as a portable software and can be run without having to install it. But when you launch the program, it sets the Snowflakes Cursor to be automatically run with Windows startup. However, you can toggle this option on or off by right-clicking on the small snowflake icon in the notification area icon and then selecting Start when I start Windows.

Snowflakes Cursor

From the same settings, you can choose the speed of snowflakes from slow, normal, fast and quickly. You can also choose whether the falling snowflakes effect should be transparent or should it stay on top of all the other visible windows. Of all these settings, the best effect is seen when you choose the normal speed and let the effect stay on top of all the other windows.

Snowflakes Cursor

The snowflakes cursor effect works with any type of cursor that you select from Windows settings. So it does not matter which mouse cursor you use, the snowflakes will start falling with mouse movement if the Snowflakes Cursor is running in the background. When you do not want this snowflakes cursor, you can simply right-click on the system tray icon and choose to Exit the application.

You can download the Snowflakes Cursor from