Update and Backup Drivers with Wise Driver Care

Wise Driver Care is a software solution to take care of all the driver related issues in your Windows PC – updating the drivers to their latest available versions, keeping a backup of all of your installed drivers, and it can also fix some of the basic issues linked to the PC hardware.

The software installs a service in your Windows PC that keeps running in the background and periodically checks for the drivers available for your PC. When a new version is available for any device driver, you can download and install them in your PC.

Wise Driver Care

Update the Device Drivers
Apart from the automatic scanning of drivers, you can also manually check for them by launching the Wise Driver Care software. You can click on the Check up button and it will instantly list all the device drivers for which newer version of driver software is available. It also displays the files left behind by previous drive installation software packages. You can choose which of the drivers you want to update and whether you want to remove the residual driver installation files before clicking on the Fix button.

Wise Driver Care

Backup the Installed Drivers
There are some drivers that are very hard to find online. You should keep a backup of all such drivers because you may not find them easily online once you decide to reinstall Windows afresh. Using Wise Driver Care, you can quickly backup all the device drivers on your local hard drive. You can later restore them using the same software with the same ease.

Wise Driver Care

Fix Device Problems
If your computer has no sound or is not able to connect to any network, then perhaps it is because of some settings in the Windows operating system. These settings can easily be fixed using Wise Driver Care. If installing new drivers is required, then it can also do it automatically.

Wise Driver Care

Wise Driver Care is a complete driver updating and backup solution for Windows computers. It works perfectly well with all the versions of Windows starting from Windows 7 and above.

You can download Wise Driver Care from https://www.wisecleaner.com/help/wisedrivercare/install.html

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