Make Firefox Quantum Browser Colorful with Quantum Lights

Recently Mozilla released the Firefox Quantum web browser which was being touted as even faster than Google Chrome browser. After using Firefox Quantum for a couple of weeks I have become convinced that Firefox has really improved and has finally made a come back. It has once again become a web browser that security conscious users can trust without having to worry about too much of their system resources being hogged by Firefox. Compared to the older versions, the new Firefox Quantum loads web pages faster and is as fast as the Google Chrome browser.

While the new Firefox browser Quantum comes with many new features and a redesigned interface, you can make it even better looking by installing some of the newer themes and add-ons. The “Quantum Lights” theme is one of such Firefox themes that can make it look more colorful. Unlike some of the other themes, the “Quantum Lights” theme is dynamic in nature. It displays the top portion of the Firefox windows in a dynamically generated color gradient. The color changes according to the sizes of the Firefox browser windows. But that is not all, it also changes color depending on the time of the day.

Firefox Quantum Lights

So if you launch the Firefox web browser after installing the “Quantum Lights” theme, it will look a little bluish during the evening or night time. But during the after-noon, the theme will automatically switch to warmer colors like red and yellow. Apparently the theme color reflects the status of the Sun in the sky (or the temperature of the day or night), so it is a little bluish at night and red or yellowish during the day time.

There are no options available for the “Quantum Lights” theme, but there are none really needed. It makes the Firefox Quantum browser looks way better than before and has a no impact on the system resources.

You can download Quantum Lights theme for Firefox web browser from