Microsoft Brings Christmas Festivity to Bing Search

If you have tried using Bing search recently, you would notice something different in it. Microsoft has added the joy of festive season to their search engine by adding six different elements. Now when you launch the Bing search page, you will see a Christmas themed background (Gnomes being sold in an Italian market) as well as other elements that you can toggle on for extra effects. The small toolbar on the Bing search at the bottom lets you turn on six different effects – snow fall, Christmas lights, ice, Christmas bells, fireplace and ferret.

The falling snow effect is obviously the snow particles or snow flakes falling down slowly from the top edge of your web browser to the bottom. The snow fall effect matches very well with the real  snow falling down outside your window. Another similar effect is the frozen ice hanging by the top edge of the browser as you would often see on the roof’s of many houses during the winter season.

Bing Celebrates Holidays

But if the snow falling effect and the frozen ice effect are making you feel little colder, then you can switch on the fireplace effect. This shows a wooden fire burning in the fireplace along with the soothing crackling of the firewood.

Bing Celebrates Holidays

Apart from these effects, there is the Christmas lights effect which adds the multi-colored electric lights all around the web browser’s edges. There is no blinking effect in these lights, but they look very nice indeed. Then there are the Christmas bells that are usually found on the Santa’s chariots run by reindeers.

Bing Celebrates Holidays

And the craziest of them all is the ferret effect. You click/tap on the ferret button and it will show a ferret animation as the background changes to the holidays celebrations. The ferret standing on the log of wood turns its head to the sounds of the Christmas bells.

You can experience these effects yourself by visiting Bing Search.