SleepTimer Ultimate : Shutdown Timer for Windows PC

During these holidays many of us spend our time shopping online or playing PC games so much that we lose the count of time. You do not want to look at the clock when it is almost the daybreak time. In order to get the sleep and go to bed in time, you can use the SleepTimer Ultimate for your Windows PC.

SleepTimer Ultimate is a free program that automates many functions in Windows. It can be used to shutdown your PC based on a number of different conditions. For example, you can set it to shutdown your PC at a particular time. But there are so many different functions and many other conditions that you can set.

The program is available both as a portable program or as a setup installer. In both cases, you have a sleep timer having a tiny window from where you can select a number of actions like shutdown, log off user, restart, power off, lock workstation, standby, execute program, stop multimedia, wake up computer (WOL) etc.

SleepTimer Ultimate

Similarly, you have to choose one of conditions that must be satisfied to execute that action. You can select from immediately, time, date & time, countdown timer, idle time elapsed, on window caption  title, on CPU load, planned etc.

SleepTimer Ultimate

Once these are selected, you can click on the “Start” button (the label of this button changes according to the action and time condition you have selected). This will put the wheels in motion and when the selected time condition is met, your chosen action will be executed.

SleepTimer Ultimate

Conclusion: SleepTimer Ultimate is a fairly easy to use program that can be used to automate several actions in Windows PC. Using this easy program, you can shutdown computer, execute commands, stop media players automatically at a specified time.

You can download SleepTimer Ultimate from