Make Android Lock Screen Exciting with Microsoft Favorites Lock Screen App

The stock lock-screen in Android smartphones is very plain and boring. Manufacturers usually modify the lock-screen and change a few things to make it a more appealing, but if you want to have even better lock-screen then you have to try the newest lock-screen from Microsoft – the Favorites Lock Screen for Android.

Microsoft’s Favorites Lock Screen app asks you to do two things before it starts to work – it asks you to choose the Favorites Lock Screen as the default lock-screen in Android, and it asks you to disable the in-built Android lock-screen security. The second step is needed to avoid two lock-screens from appearing when you try to unlock your Android phone.

After finishing these initial steps you have to pick the favorites from which the wallpapers for your lock-screen will be randomly picked. As you can guess, it uses Bing to find the wallpaper images for the favorite topics you have selected. Depending on your location in the world, different favorites are available to be picked by you. You can choose as many as you want and remove them later.

Microsoft Favorites Lock Screen

In the preferences for the Favorites Lock Screen app, you can toggle the lock-screen off or on, you can choose the lock delay from immediately to a few seconds delay, you can add your own wallpaper image to the lock-screen, you can select the apps shortcuts to be displayed on the lock-screen, toggle the notifications, display the latest news, and more.

While the app suggests that you disable the lock-screen security of Android, also offers the security options of its own. You can choose the usual the usual lock-screen security locks like the PIN, pattern lock, password, fingerprint etc. Some of these options may or may not be available depending on your smartphone features.

Microsoft Favorites Lock Screen

Verdict: Microsoft Favorites Lock Screen adds the zing to your Android phone’s dull lock-screen. You can add the high-definition pictures of celebrities and other topics as the lock-screen wallpaper. It also displays the latest news and trends using the Bing search.

You can get the Microsoft Favorites Lock Screen from