MSI Afterburner : Overclocking Utilities for Gaming PC

MSI Afterburner is a set of overclocking utilities for your gaming PC. It has everything you would need to push the limits of your gaming rig and run it at the extreme hardware limits. You can also view all the in-depth details about your system’s hardware using this utility. In addition, it comes with some additional features such as customizing fan profiles, benchmark tools and video recording features. Even though MSI Afterburner is developed mainly for MSI gaming laptops, it can be used with graphics cards from all brands and works for all gaming computers.

So if you want to push your gaming rig to the maximum possible limits just install MSI Afterburner in your Windows PC and you will soon be in a position to make the performance of your PC better for the latest games. But before you install the MSI Afterburner software in your PC, you should make sure that your GPU supports overclocking. Because if it does not support overclocking, there is no point installing an overclocking software. The overclocking controls become active only if your GPU supports overclocking features.

MSI Afterburner

In the main window of MSI Afterburner, you would be able to see the current clock frequency of your GPU, the clock frequency of the memory, the current temperature and the voltage level. You can bump up the clock frequency of the graphics card by using the circular controls provided for them. The overclocking might make the temperature of your graphics card reach higher than usual – you can monitor this temperature right from the MSI Afterburner window.

Apart from the overclocking, the software can also display the FPS rate on the gaming screen. It provides you real-time information of your system’s performance in an on-screen Display, so you can keep a close eye on the effect of your overclocking settings while gaming. In order to make sure the GPU stays cool, you can also configure the fan profiles for the cooling fans.

You can download MSI Afterburner from